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Rajjo 2nd October 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 2nd October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 2nd October 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 2 October 2022 starts Kalindi narrating Arjun and Urvashi’s love story. Meanwhile, Swara and Mukund dance intimately, but she inserts Sia between them, and he storms out. Later, Urvashi informs everyone about Arjun’s heart-shaped cake proposal to her, and everyone mocks him. Rajjo, on the other hand, misses Thakur’s family and a friend suggests she call him, but she believes Arjun is too busy with his Sangeet.

Chirag and Kalindi dance in Thakur’s residence, advising Arjun to leave his marriage with their performance. Rajjo is shocked to see Vicky and his friends drinking wine and flirting with ladies at the cabin. She confronts Vicky about his drinking, but his female friends force her to drink alcohol. When Rajjo’s friend notices the bad behavior, he runs away, leaving her alone while she stands between Vicky and his friends.

Arjun and Urvashi dance romantically to the song “Kesariya” in Thakur’s residence. Manorama is praying to the idol at Temple to bless her daughter’s wedding accessories. Later, Arjun answers Rajjo’s video call and runs to an empty corridor. When he sees Rajjo’s face, he smiles but is shocked when she says she misses him every day. Arjun praises her for his appearance after she shows him her outfit. Meanwhile, he asks him why he’s talking so delusively, and Rajjo tells him she’s dizzy. When Rajjo asks whether Arjun misses her, his eyes fill up with tears.

He tells her how much he misses her, and Rajjo tells him why he fights with his family for her. Continuing her drunken banter, she asks Khan Babu if she holds a special place in his heart and if he refers to her as “Meri Rajjo” as she calls to him “Mere Khan Babu.” Meanwhile, Arjun decries the fact that she misses him.

She, tells him she doesn’t know and asks him to take her away since she doesn’t like being at Vicky’s. At the same moment, Rajjo becomes dizzy and falls asleep, exposing Vicky’s party to Arjun. After hanging up the phone, Arjun informs Chirag about Rajjo’s condition and vows to go rescue her.

To watch all episodes of Rajjo or (2 Oct 2022) full episode of Rajjo, go to hotstar.com

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