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Rajjo 4th October 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 4th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 4th October 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 4 October 2022 starts Arjun tells Vicky to step aside since Rajjo no longer wants to reside here. Vicky accuses him of holding his fiancee in his arms and declares that he adores Rajjo, his childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, Arjun criticizes Vicky by stating he doesn’t deserve to marry any lady after seeing his friends push her to consume alcohol, and Rajjo tells Vicky to “shoo.” Vicky becomes angry after hearing Rajjo’s statements and kicks Arjun in the stomach, causing him to lose his grip on her.

Angry Arjun approaches him, but Manorama stands in front of him, stunned. Meanwhile, Arjun informs Manorama that his female friends forced Rajjo to drink. Manorama notices Rajjo’s condition and holds her daughter, but Vicky blames Khan Babu. Vicky accuses him of attempting to take Rajjo away from her by holding him in his arms.

Manorama, on the other hand, sends Vicky away because she wishes to speak with Khan Babu alone. Later, she asks Arjun why he has come here after missing his own wedding ceremonies, but he informs her about Vicky’s disgusting actions. He informs her about the phone call in which Vicky’s friends were pressing haldi on her. Arjun informs Manorama that he discovered Rajjo on the vehicle rooftop dancing inebriated as her fiance danced in the corner.

After hearing his statements, Manorama tries to excuse Vicky’s behavior as childish, but Arjun labels his acts as horrible. She becomes angry when Arjun repeatedly attacks Vicky’s character, and she asks him whether he was present when everything happen. He concedes that he was not present when everything transpired, having been defeated by her logical reasoning.

Vicky is Nangu Kaka’s kid, so she trusts him, but Arjun informs her that Kaka’s good acts do not define Vicky’s innocence. Manorama later tells Arjun to leave Rajjo’s life permanently and warns him not to clutch the hand he cannot keep for his life. Urvashi discovers Arjun gone in Thakur’s residence and accuses Kalindi of telling him the truth about Rajjo’s fiancée.

Manorama and Arjun, on the other hand, connect their hands in farewell, and he goes after one more look at Rajjo, ignoring her desire to stay. Urvashi complains to Madhu in the early morning about Arjun’s absence from the house. Arjun, on the other hand, stops his car at the police barriers and the officer recognizes him. He informs Arjun about his higher officer threatening not to tell him about Vicky. But the police officer tells him about Vicky being a human trafficker who sells girls to other foreign nations.

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