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Rajjo 6th September 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo 6th September Written Update: Rajjo 6th September 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 6th September 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 6 September 2022 episode starts with Rajjo seated in a vehicle, immersed in her recollections of dancing and laughing with Manorama. Arjun consoles Rajjo by telling her that they would soon locate her mother. And then he gives her money and instructs her to go acquire some clothing for herself. Rajjo walks to the stand and continues to exhibit outfits to Arjun. Who becomes irritated but also humiliated and finally gives her a thumbs up. However, Rajjo arrives with only one piece of clothing, which irritates Arjun. So he goes to the stall himself and purchases a slew of garments for her.

Urvashi phones him and flirts with him as he gets into the car. Telling him that she can’t wait until the next day. While Arjun feels mortified and disconnects the phone, Rajjo continues to giggle. Rajjo makes a joke about his many aliases and wonders whether he’s heading to the forest with Urvashi. Arjun nods and turns away, stating he shouldn’t feel terrible about spending time with Urvashi.

Later, at home, Arjun informs Rajjo of all the measures and instructs her to get the food delivery from the balcony, assuring him that she would not make a single sound. As Arjun walks away, Rajjo prays that he will not bite by any animal, which would hinder Arjun’s progress. He then locks the door from the outside and walks to Madhu, telling her he is leaving to a meeting and will return the next day.

After some time, Rajjo accepts the meal delivery, while Madhu notices something and goes outdoors. Kalindi instructs Madhu to raise the grills on Arjun’s balcony and lock the balcony door, just like she did the main door. Arjun, on the other side, receives word that Manorama has discovered and rushes back home. Madhu enters the kitchen and retrieves the pestle, which she uses to break the lock on Arjun’s door. However, only Arjun is inside, with the outside food laying on the bed, and Rajjo hidden in the closet.

Arjun sees the family members approaching his room and climbs into it via the balcony, where he conceals Rajjo before the family can enter. Back in the present, the women of the household begin chastising Arjun for eating outside food, while Dadaji steps up and claims that he is the one who assisted Arjun in devising the plan so that he may eat outside cuisine. Meanwhile, Kalindi is investigating the room when she is distracted by Chirag’s disturbance and departs. Later, the family asks Arjun if he’s eaten yet and begins bringing him food.

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