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Rajjo 9th October 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Written Update: Rajjo 9th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 9th October 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Today’s Rajjo 9 October 2022 starts with Rajjo asking whether she’s okay since he feels bad for her. Rajjo, on the other hand, assures Arjun that she is OK and that he does not need to care about her traumatic trauma. Arjun is just seeing her vermillion, she says, but she is still the same Neeltaal girl who adores her mother. Rajjo and Arjun each wish each other a good life, and Rajjo tells him that. She would never interfere with his marriage and will keep her marriage private.

Hearing her words, Arjun half-smiles, says he trusts her and begins to walk away. Rajjo suddenly takes Arjun’s hand in hers and begins rubbing her vermillion to reassure him that this marriage is unimportant to her. Arjun stops her when he sees her in agony and tells her that he trusts her and that he cannot watch her suffering.

Rajjo tells Arjun to go ahead and have his true marriage with Urvashi instead of the phony one with her. Meanwhile, Arjun goes away, leaving Rajjo to reflect on her special times with Khan Babu and wish him a happy marriage. Manorama later inquires about Arjun, but Rajjo informs her that Khan Babu married her to save her and that she has no link to him. Rajjo hugs her Maai and begs her mother to take her away from Lucknow.

Later, at the bus stop, Manorama and her daughter wait for their bus. As Manorama apologizes to Rajjo for forcing her to marry Vicky. At the same moment, Rajjo’s ticket flies away and lands in a mud puddle. And an unaware Rajjo declares that she will always be grateful to Khan Babu. She informs Maai that if necessary, she will even risk her life to save Khan Babu. Chirag, on the other hand, breathes a sigh of relief when Arjun arrives home. And chastises him for not contacting and telling him of his location.

Madhu later enters Arjun’s room and becomes emotional at seeing her lovely son. Following that, Arjun informs Chirag that he wants to end Rajjo’s chapter and begin a new life. Rajjo, on the other hand, goes to fill her water bottle and hides behind the clay pot, surprised to discover anything. Urvashi and Arjun of the Thakur family enter the hall cheerfully and perform the Varmala rite and a seat on the mandap.

Following that, Arjun rises to take pheras, but Rajjo enters the home and asks him not to marry Urvashi. Rajjo informs Arjun that if he goes through with the marriage. He would be taken to jail, and he begs him to end the marriage with Urvashi.

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