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Rajjo Serial 10th November 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Serial Written Update: Rajjo 10th November 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 10th November 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Rajjo on 10th November 2022 starts with Arjun walking away Arjun and Rajjo getting ready for the race. Only Sia and Chirag cheer for Rajjo and wish her luck. Because both Arjun and Rajjo arrive at the starting line before 5 p.m., the family chooses to start the race earlier. However, Urvashi decides that Arjun has already won because Rajjo broke the running track rules.

Rajjo has confused, but Chirag defends her by saying that she is not the coach who makes the rules. However, the other family members agree with Urvashi and say that Rajjo cannot compete in the race without shoes. Chirag informs Rajjo that they need new shoes and is about to go with her when Madhumalti stops him.

Madhumalti tells Chirag that if he helps Rajjo in getting shoes in any way, he would have to see her dead face. Rajjo tells Chirag that she will find shoes and leaves with the promise to return before 5 p.m. While the family members wait for Rajjo, she goes to the hospital and puts on Manorama’s shoes, only to discover that they are a size larger. Rajjo stuffs clothes into her shoes even though it pains her feet since she has no other choice.

Rajjo manages to get home before 5 p.m. while wearing such shoes. Everyone laughs at her and tells her that such shoes are not allowed. Just then, a deliveryman appears with a box addressed to Rajjo, and she is surprised to see new shoes inside. Rajjo believes the shoes were delivered by the coach she met earlier, but Chirag knows it was Arjun. Chirag informs Arjun that the delivery was very fast, to which Arjun replies that he believes in playing fair. Arjun and Rajjo take their places in the race after wearing their new shoes.

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