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Rajjo Serial 14th November 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Serial Written Update: Rajjo 14th November 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 14th November 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Rajjo on 14th November 2022 starts with Madhumalti and Jhilmil leave the house after cursing Rajjo and her mother. Chirag begs Rajjo not to listen to their remarks since he knows she is not a horrible person. Rajjo leaves the house with a clear head as Chirag encourages her to do her best in the Diwali race.

However, Kalindi’s phone call stops Rajjo when she tells him about Urvashi’s meeting with their bank manager and plans to withdraw the money from his fixed deposit. When Rajjo learns the news, he is divided between going to the race and going to the hospital to save Arjun. Meanwhile, Urvashi approaches Arjun, who appears to be hallucinating as a result of his meds. Arjun sees Urvashi as Rajjo and claims to see her everywhere, even in his sleep, which enrages Urvashi.

Urvashi decides to discuss it later and imprints Arjun’s thumb impression on the paper. However, Rajjo arrives and tells Urvashi that she will not let her loot Arjun in front of her eyes. Rajjo requests that Urvashi hand over the paper, but Urvashi refuses and advises Rajjo to go get it herself if she has the courage.

Rajo and Urvashi fight over the papers, with Rajjo eventually winning. Rajjo tells Arjun to rest quietly and walks away with the paper. Urvashi phones Kalindi and informs her that she will now be her enemy since she knows Kalindi is the one who told Rajjo about her. Urvashi’s threat of exposing her romance with Rocky to Chirag makes Kalindi apprehensive.

Later, Rajjo overhears the doctor telling Madhumalti and others that the drug has been tampered with. Madhumalti tells them that no one has the courage to open the ice box since they understand the significance of the medicine. Rajjo recalls finding the ice box outside Kalindi’s room and finding meted ice inside, which leads her to suspect it. When Rajjo tells Kalindi about the situation, she pledges to find out who opened Arjun’s ice box. Meanwhile, Madhumalti discovers a strand of Rajjo’s hair on Arjun’s shirt and becomes angry.

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