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Rajjo Serial 3rd November 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Serial Written Update: Rajjo 3rd November 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 3rd November 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Rajjo 3rd November 2022 starts with Family members building the golden pot at the household temple. And thanking god for protecting their wealth. Chirag notices something odd and asks why Urvashi’s uncles would take a pot if they were so wealthy. Arjun recalls Rajjo’s words about Urvashi and her family being a scam but ignores them.

Chirag advises Arjun to check his heart and see whether Rajjo is truly wanting his money. While Rajjo starts angrily washing clothes in the bathroom, Urvashi enters and throws extra clothes at her, questioning if she was the one who revealed her uncle. Rajjo says that Sheru barged at them, but Urvashi knows that it was Rajjo’s plan. Urvashi begins to tell Rajjo that she loves Arjun and his money, but Rajjo drives her away with soapy water.

As Urvashi walks out, she sees Pushkar and asks him when he arrived. Pushkar reminds Urvashi that he missed the show of her “uncles” getting caught and asks if the lenders still remember her. Urvashi asks Pushkar to help him out by giving her some cash, to which Pushkar agrees. However, Pushkar warns Urvashi not to make Kalindi unhappy on any occasion while giving her authority to destroy Rajjo.

Later, Arjun follows Rajjo as she dries her clothes on the balcony and stands alongside her without saying anything. Rajjo asks Arjun what he has to say while angrily splashing water from Arjun’s wet clothes over his face. When Arjun asks Rajjo why she is upset, Rajjo responds that he has no control over when she gets angry and throws the clothes roughly, hurting her eye.

Arjun tells Rajjo to stay still, blows into her eyes, and fast leaves. Urvashi observes the situation and becomes enraged when she sees Arjun so near to Rajjo. Chirag protects Kalindi by hanging onto her while she walks. Rocky sees them together and purposefully stops, his eyes filled with hatred and anger. Later, Rajjo finds that the doctors are taking Manorama away from Kaka for therapy and decides to pay a visit.

Arjun tells Urvashi that Rajjo makes money by working hard while her mother is in the hospital. Just then, Rajjo leaves the house with a tiffin box, alerting Arjun to the fact that she is on her way to see her mother. Arjun takes Urvashi to the hospital because he cannot be cruel to her because she has done terrible things to him.

Later, Rajjo arrives at a therapy clinic near the hospital and finds that the treatment would cost another 2 lakhs. Arjun knows from Urvashi that Manorama only visited the hospital for one day while on her way to the given address by the physiotherapy center’s receptionist.

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