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Rajjo Serial 6th November 2022 Written Episode

Rajjo Serial Written Update: Rajjo 6th November 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today 6th November 2022 Rajjo Written Episode features the latest gossip and upcoming written Updates stories from Star Plus.

Rajjo on 6th November 2022 starts with Urvashi telling Madhumalti that Rajjo’s whims and demands are torturing Arjun. After hearing Urvashi’s remark, Madhumalti gets concerned and asks what they can do to assist Arjun. Urvashi begs Madhumalti whether she may take all of Arjun’s tasks and duties in order to attack Rajjo.

Madhumalti gives Urvashi all power and tells her that she is with her in teaching Rajjo a lesson. Arjun gets up at 3:30 a.m. the next day and checks on Rajjo, who is sleeping outside on the floor, before going for training. As Arjun begins stretching, Rajjo arrives in front of him and asks questions as to why he is there so early.

Arjun tells Rajjo that he is leaving to train and asks her not to leave for her newspaper and milk distribution duties. Rajjo objects to Arjun’s choice, but Arjun claims that he is Rajjo’s master and that she must follow his orders. Arjun orders Rajjo to go inside the home and wash his dirty clothes and clean his room.

After hearing Arjun, Rajjo walks inside to wash his dirty clothes, while Arjun begins his hard practice. Arjun jumps rope in practice, while Rajjo jumps on Arjun’s soiled clothes while washing them. Rajjo appears in front of Arjun when she finishes her task, while he pulls her closer to him by holding onto her dupatta. Even though Rajjo tells him she has done her task, Arjun orders her to return to the house and complete the duties of other family members.

After requesting Rajjo to stuff wool into blankets, Urvashi and Arjun head out for practice. Rajjo says that she does not react to useless people, and Urvashi is one of them. But she decides to complete the task after Arjun tells her. While linking his hands with Urvashi, Arjun upset Rajjo.

Rajjo loses her job selling newspapers and milk after missing work for two days, causing her to become upset. Chirag notices Rajjo doing domestic chores on a regular basis and informs her that he would handle it and asks her to go train for her forthcoming race. However, Madhumalti stops Rajjo and begs her to come inside for work. While walking across the corridor, Rajjo hears Urvashi talking with someone and fears something is wrong.

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