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Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 4th September 2022 Written Update Episode 13

Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 4th September 2022 Written Update, New Episode.

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Arjun and Amaan introduce the importance of Bachpan and invite both the girl’s and boys’ teams who have reached into their Bachpan in Ravivaar with Star Parivaar Episode 13.

The song “Galti Se Mistake” is performed by both teams. Both teams are determined to win the round and demonstrate that they are superior to the other.

First Round: Aas Pachaas Ki

In this round, the teams must pay attention to the clue on the Mixer Baba. One of the clues for identifying the song in today’s episode will be color. Arjun and Amaal are the class’s teachers, and they assign Aryan the task of lovingly presenting the rose to Imlie.

The round concludes with the boys’ team winning due to their bantering and teasing. Mama Ji flirts with Rakhi Ji before going to RWSP bank and bringing a suitcase worth 500 rupees.

Following the round, Arjun and Amaal reveal secrets from the childhoods of Star Parivaar’s stars. Aryan recounts a childhood incident in which he was arrested for punching a boy.

Arjun then introduces Aryan’s parents over video call and teases them with meaningful remarks. Aryan also recalls her mother’s patient servitude during his difficult childhood, as well as his father’s teachings, which shaped him into the man he is today.

Following that, Imlie’s family is called on stage, and Arjun mercilessly teases Aryan and Imlie.

Imlie’s Uncle describes the transformation Imlie goes through after her mother’s death and how she overcomes her life’s pain.

Neela’s childhood exploits come to light after a while. Later, Neela’s husband enters the stage. Neela tells the audience about his husband’s love at first sight during her sister’s wedding. Leela’s husband sings a lovely song for her and professes his love for her once more. The show moves on to the next round.

Second Round: Lucky Lakhpati

In this round, teams must guess the given song based on clues from family members.

Dhara appeared on stage dancing to “Tujhe to Maine Dekha.” Aryan writes a love note to Teacher Dhara, and Gombi comes to Dhara’s aid. The round progresses while Dhara flirts and teases the girl’s team. Shiva appears on stage dressed as a joker performing “Bum Bum Bole Masti Mein Dole” to provide a clue to the boy’s team. The boys lose the round, and the girls win. Imlie visits RWSP bank and brings a suitcase worth one lakh rupees. Arjun makes the boys stand up and Murga for losing the round. After a while, the star’s childhood photographs are displayed on the screen, and they are asked to identify the star.

Yuvaan is forced to dress as he did in a childhood photo in which her parents dressed him as a girl. Imlie is also shown in a photo dressed as Mehmood. Mama Ji’s picture appeared next, and he gets to flirt with Rakhi. Aryan was also dressed as a girl, which Imlie immediately recognized, giving Arjun another opportunity to tease them.

Third Round: Final Round

In this round, the team must guess the song based on word clues displayed on the screen. Both teams will play dog and bone in order to guess the song. Both teams participated enthusiastically and provided stiff competition to the other teams. The boys defeated the girls in the round. Aryan visits Ravivaar Bank and returns with a suitcase worth Rs. 2 lacs. With this suitcase, the team boys take home the show’s grand prize of Rs. 2 lac 500.

This marks the end of the show.


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