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Sherdil Shergill 11th October 2022 Written Update Episode 12

Sherdil Shergill Written Update: Sherdil Shergill 11th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today’s Sherdil Shergill 11th October 2022 episode starts with  Gunjan’s mother-in-law expressing her concern over Manmeet’s marriage. And assure them that Manmeet will settle down soon. While departing, Gunjan’s mother-in-law calls and informs her that she has invited a family that may be ideal for Manmeet to marry.

Gunjan is surprised to learn that her mother-in-law has called a family gathering for Manmeet’s wedding without informing them. Gunjan, on the other hand, nods in agreement and waves farewell to her in-laws. Meanwhile, Raj informs Manmeet of her parents’ plans to transform them into a real couple since they believe Manmeet is lying to them. Manmeet sees the connection and agrees with Raj, asking him to leave Shimla after Mehendi.

Raj first refuses to go since he has to confront Nikki. Still, after Manmeet concocts a convincing story of attending a conference in London and staying in the hotel for the remaining days, he agrees to obey. Raj informs Manmeet that after accompanying her there, he saw a new side of Manmeet Shergill, who values her family above all else.

Manmeet becomes engaged as Raj expresses his pride in her, but she snaps out. Gunjan informs Manmeet that she has something to tell her, but Ajeet rushes them to the venue. When Gunjan arrives at the site, she informs Manmeet that her mother-in-law has brought her a marriage-based connection. Manmeet is surprised to hear this and informs Gunjan that Anmol is her biological son. And that she cannot contemplate marriage now.

Gunjan proposes that Manmeet contact her mother-in-law if she finds an opportunity at the party. Later, the Mehendi ceremony begins, with everyone coming to the site, including Manmeet, Raj, and Anmol. When the relatives see Manmeet carrying a baby. They start whispering amongst themselves. But her aunt reveals to everyone that Anmol is Manmeet and Raj’s son. When Ajeet sees Anmol cry, he almost touches his hand, which Rajkumar notices.

After a while, Rajkumar leaves Anmol alone on the carpet and prevents Manmeet from going to him when he starts weeping. Ajeet observes Anmol weeping and summons Puneet or Manmeet to comfort him, but neither arrives. As Anmol sobs and clutches Ajeet’s leg, Ajeet loses control and takes Anmol on his lap with an adoring gaze. Manmeet bursts into tears upon witnessing this and hugs Rajkumar tightly, thanking him for doing this for her. When Rajkumar sees Manmeet cry with delight, he feels fulfilled on the inside.

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