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Sherdil Shergill 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode 15

Sherdil Shergill Written Update: Sherdil Shergill 14th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today’s Sherdil Shergill 14th October 2022 episode starts with Bhairav and Nirali leaving for Mumbai after threatening Rajkumar that he will have to meet them when he returns home. Manmeet and Rajkumar return to the wedding ceremony, and the wedding ceremonies begin. During the wedding, the priest calls Gunjan’s brother, but the family claim that Gunjan has no brothers. Rajkumar enters and says that he would do the rite since he is like a brother to Gunjan.

Gunjan praises Raj with tears in her eyes, and Manmeet sees how much Raj cares about her family when his own family is in danger. Manmeet assists Raj in untying the knot between Gunjan and Roshan, as Ajeet and Puneet admire them together. Rajkumar orders a cab for the Chandigarh airport after the wedding since he needs to return as soon as possible. Manmeet overhears Rajkumar’s talk with the receptionist and decides to follow him back to Mumbai.

When Manmeet tells Ajeet and Puneet that he is leaving for Mumbai the next night, they are upset and implore Manmeet to remain for a few days longer. Manmeet tells them that she must address the situation with Raj’s family by telling them the truth. Later, Ajeet comforts Manmeet and promises her that she may discuss anything with him without feeling afraid. Gunjan complains to Puneet that they constantly favor Manmeet on every occasion, which irritates her.

The “vidayi” happens, with Gunjan leaving with Roshan after crying. Manmeet informs Rajkumar that she would also depart with him, which confused him. Ajeet tells Rajkumar that he has become a clearly liked member of their family and that they would miss him. Rajkumar looks at Manmeet, terrified and confused, as he says it.

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