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Sherdil Shergill 17th October 2022 Written Update Episode 16

Sherdil Shergill Written Update: Sherdil Shergill 17th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today’s Sherdil Shergill 17th October 2022 episode starts with Rajkumar and Manmeet stunned when the guards refused them admission into the mansion.

Manmeet tells Rajkumar that she would not allow his parents to shun him and attempts to reach Bhirav Singh Yadav on her phone. Bhairav answers the phone and inquires Manmeet whether she is present with her husband and child.

Manmeet responds that Rajkumar is innocent and that the situation is not as it appears. Bhairav grants them admission inside the residence after Manmeet requests a chance to explain the situation to him.

Rajkumar opens the door and pauses as he sees Bhairav seated on the sofa. Bhairav invites Manmeet and Rajkumar inside and stares at them and the family members, making them uncomfortable. Bhairav asks Rajkumar whether he loved the wedding in Shimla before he can say anything.

To know more, visit voot.com and download all episodes of Sherdil Shergil or watch the latest full episode online today (October 17, 2022).

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