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Sherdil Shergill 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode 5

Sherdil Shergill Written Update: Sherdil Shergill 30th September 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today’s Sherdil Shergill 30th September 2022 episode starts with Manmeet confused after hearing Hussain’s proposal that she invite Rajkumar to pose as her fake spouse. Manmeet first denies the suggestion, but Hussain attempt to convince her by stating that Raj is undeniably handsome and does not even work all day at the company.

Manmeet, however, does not agree with the plan and expresses her disapproval to Hussain when she witnesses Raj leaving. Mnmeet chooses to secretly follow Raj since she is curious about where he goes during the weekdays. Raj boards an auto, and Manmeet asks her driver to follow the auto and observe where it goes.

Manmeet receives a phone call from Gunjan, who inquires about her intention to attend the wedding. Manmeet clearly indicates that she will not attend the wedding if she cannot bring Anmol with her, which offends Gunjan and causes her to hang off the phone. Raj enters a building and enters a room after saying the password “ABCD” followed by “EFGH” after getting to his destination. Manmeet follows Raj into the room but is stopped by two buffed-up males who tell her to enter the club through the main entrance.

Manmet observes the sign stating “Kuku’s Club” as she looks at the logo on the wall and understands she is in a club. Manmeet enters the club as the audience awaits the arrival of a popular artist known as “Mamaji Yadav.” Hearing the name, Manmeet comes to a halt and is taken aback to see Raj stroll onto the platform. With a completely new aura around him. Raj introduces himself and describes how his parents brought him into the world. After a long separation from his elder sisters.

Manmeet sits in a corner, listening to Raj’s quips and puns, which finally makes her grin. Gunjan, on the other hand, chugs phenyl in the restroom. After hearing Manmeet’s remark because she wants her sister to attend the wedding. Gunjan’s parents find her in a poisoned state in the restroom and transport her to the hospital. Back at the club, Raj describes Manmeet as a self-righteous and powerful lady and hails her talents.

Manmeet fascinated by Raj’s remarks about her and grins to herself as he walks away. After returning home, Raj runs into Bhairav, who wonders if he still does stand-up comedy for a living. Bhairav tells the account of his brother being beaten to death. Because the sarpanch offended by his jest during a performance. Raj becomes depressed after hearing the story. and Bhairav warns unequivocally that if Raj pursues a career in comedy. He would stop their relationship.

The next day, Manmeet calls Raj and invites him to her place to surprise him. Raj comes to Manmeet’s house, where she gives him a Himachal sweet dish called “Siddu” in exchange for his mother’s “Gajar ka Halwa.” Manmeet claims that she was unaware that Raj held such high regard for her until Raj left. When Manmeet repeats his signature line, “You cannot like me, subscribe to me, or share me,” Raj recognizes the predicament. Manmeet smirks, as Raj’s jaw, drops to the ground in shock as his secret revealed.

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