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Sherdil Shergill 3rd October 2022 Written Update Episode 6

RSherdil Shergill Written Update: Sherdil Shergill 3rd October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today’s Sherdil Shergill 3rd October 2022 episode starts with  Manmeet requesting that Rajkumar directly congratulate her on her excellent personality. Rajkumar blushes when Manmeet recalls the Cuckoo Café. Since he never wanted anybody, especially Manmeet, to know about his secret. Manmeet tells Rajkumar how amazing he is at stand-up comedy and questions why he is wasting his time at work.

Rajkumar begins to fear since he cannot tell Bhairav about his stand-up comedy. And runs after Manmeet, begging her to keep it a secret. Manmeet tells Rajkumar to calm down and relax for a moment because she is not doing anything against him. After calming down, Rajkumar informs Manmeet about his family’s history, including how his uncle was killed by locals because of his occupation.

Rajkumar claims that the experience scarred Bhairav for life, and he cannot tolerate the thought of anyone doing stand-up comedy after that. Hearing Rajkumar’s story, Manmeet questions why he is lying to his father when he knows the truth would ultimately come out. Rajkumar responds that he is not like her, who can stand on their own, and needs his father’s riches and safety.

However, Rajkumar assures Manmeet that he would tell his family the truth in three months when he wins the once-a-year stand-up comedy competition in Australia. Rajkumar tells Manmeet that he wants to win the $1 million prize. And show his father that comedians are valued as well. Meanwhile, Bhairav mentions how many people want to acquire an apartment on the 140-floor construction project and advises that the floors will increase from 140 to 150.

When the contractor warns that Manmeet would object to the proposal. Bhairav laughs and suggests that Manmeet may have more “Gajar Ka Halwa.” As Vidya departs for an important matter, Manmeet assigns Rajkumar to babysit Anmol and receives a call from her mother. Manmeet’s mother informs her about Gunjan’s suicide attempt since Manmeet refused to attend her wedding. Manmeet surprised to hear this and attempts to advise Gunjan. But her father informs her that they don’t need her advice.

Manmeet cries after the phone conversation and asks Rajkumar to go. Later, Manmeet considers the situation carefully and realizes that she should contact Rajkumar for assistance. Manmeet arrives to meet Rajkumar when he is busy convincing his lover, but he forced to leave. Manmeet asks Rajkumar whether he wants to accompany her to Himachal, and Rajkumar inquires as to the purpose. Rajkumar stumbles on his feet when Manmeet informs him that. He must pose as her spouse and Anmol’s father for four days.

To know more, visit voot.com and download all episodes of Sherdil Shergil or watch the latest full episode online today (October 03, 2022).

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