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Sherdil Shergill 4th October 2022 Written Update Episode 7

Sherdil Shergill Written Update: Sherdil Shergill 4th October 2022 Upcoming Story Written Episode

Today’s Sherdil Shergill 4th October 2022 episode starts with While Rajkumar falling in shock. Manmeet asks Rajkumar to be her husband and Anmol’s father for four days. Manmeet asks Rajkumar to relax and tells him that all he needs to do in front of her family is behave like her husband. After some thought, Rajkumar believes that Manmeet is attempting to use him since she is aware of his secret.

Manmeet explains that she is not taking advantage of him or blackmailing Rajkumar by using his secret and that she is really asking for his help. Rajkumar recognizes his situation but informs Manmeet that he is unsuitable for the post. Manmeet informs Rajkumar about her family’s issue, in which her sister wants her to attend her wedding but her father has ordered her not to bring Anmol with her.

Manmeet informs Rajkumar that only her parents are aware of her pregnancy and that she does not approve of her parenthood without a spouse. Nonetheless, Rajkumar declines Manmeet’s offer, citing the fact that he does not appear like a parent from any angle and does not match the offered position. Manmeet is disappointed when Rajkumar leaves because she believed Rajkumar would understand her situation and help him.

When Rajkumar returns home, he is greeted by his mother, who inquires about the girl who gave him flowers and requests that he bring her home. Rajkumar deflects the topic by telling his mother that someone had sent him flowers as a joke. When Bhairav walks in while clapping his hands, Rajkumar has gone to the stage to do his humor.

Manmeet enters and laughs at Rajkumar as retaliation for him rejecting her plan. Bhairav looks at Rajkumar with furious eyes and dies on the floor from a heart attack. As Rajkumar wakes from his dream. After Nikki phones Rajkumar’s house, his elder sisters arrive to enquire about his lover. Later, Nikki appears outside Rajkumar’s house and surprises him by asking him to introduce her to his family.

Rajkumar, without explaining, says he is going on a business trip with Manmeet for the next seven days. And will inform his family about it when he returns. The next day, Manmeet greets Rajkumar casually and tells him to forget about her proposal. Rajkumar ignores Manmeet’s suggestion that she consult Hussain about the situation. And assures her that he is willing to assist her.

Rajkumar informs Manmeet that Nikki is bothering him by introducing herself to his family. And that he has no choice except to go. However, Rajkumar suggests a few conditions, such as Manmeet chatting graciously to him at work. Never ask him about leaving, and so on, to which Manmeet accepts. Rajkumar nods in agreement and asks Manmeet when they must go to Shimla.

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