Chelsea vs AFC Wimbledon

Chelsea vs AFC Wimbledon

As the match gets underway, Chelsea look for a win against AFC Wimbledon in the second round of the EFL Cup 2023

The Blues are coming back from scoring their first win in just their third Premier League match

Even though they have had a fantastic pre-season campaign, it can be said that their start to the season has been shaky to say the least.

On the other hand, AFC Wimbledon are approaching the match with 3 draws and 2 wins in their first 5 League Two matches.

Chelsea XI: Sanchez, DeSassi, Colville, Humphreys, Cukurella, Moreira, Gallagher, Ugochukwu, Matsen, Maduke, Barstow

AFC Wimbledon XI: Tznev; Ogundere, Lewis, Johnson, Brown; Tilly, Ball, Pell, McLean; Al-Hamadi, Bugil