How To Rebuild Roxy From Five Nights At Freddy's


Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is a survival horror game published by ScottGames and developed by Steel Wool Studios. When Gregory is stuck in Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex overnight, he must avoid the enigmatic Vanny and try to solve the Pizzaplex's riddles while surviving until 6:00 a.m., when the doors reopen.

Roxy cannot be retired until the player has deactivated Monty or Chica and put their upgrade on Freddy. This is due to the fact that reaching Roxy Raceway to face off against Roxy requires the player opening one of two gates that require one of these upgrades to pass.

Getting to Roxy  Raceway

To access to Roxy Raceway, players need go to the Pizzaplex's second level, pass beneath the shutter with the Sodarum sign above it, and then go to a second metal shutter. A metal gate blocks the access into Roxy Raceway after that. One of the fence gates requires Monty's claw upgrade to rip open, while the other has a yellow intercom that can be opened with Chica's voicebox. This will take players into Roxy Raceway, where the Decommission Roxy quest may commence.

Once inside Roxy Raceway, players must obtain the injured robot head. This can be located by going down to the first garage in Roxy Raceway, then hugging the left until you reach a red door. Turning right immediately before the red door will lead players to some wooden crates, one of which contains the injured robot head.

Getting and Repairing the Robot Head

With the robot head in hand, players will need to obtain a dance permit in order to access the west Fazcade. Fortunately, a dance pass is also available inside Roxy Raceway, so players should proceed to the opposite side of the room and down the stairs to obtain entrance to the second Party Garage. The Party Pass is located on a table inside.

The player must now return to the main Pizzaplex and climb to the third storey. There is an elevator entry to the Fazcade in the corner beside the stairs that will take gamers to the Pizzaplex's DJ's section. DJ Music Man will be missing at first, but other animatronics and staffbots will be present. Players should explore while they can since this region becomes more scarier and more hazardous after they begin attempting to repair the robot head.

When the player has finished exploring, proceed to the red door on the second level of the Fazcade, on the right-hand side. Inside is a machine that might fix the robot head, but engaging with it drains the power, requiring them to navigate the Fazcade and trigger some generators instead.

Players must go to the right of the DJ to activate the first breaker, then to the men's washroom on the first level to activate the second. The third is close to the second, beside several arcade cabinets. A fourth generator can be discovered on the left side of the second level, and players must then proceed through the security office to find a final switch on the left.

Triggering this one forces DJ Music Man to awaken and begin hunting the player, forcing them to flee and return to the security office for a safe area with a save point. They may then utilize the mechanism to effectively fix the robot head.

With the rebuilt robot head in hand, it's time to return to the racetrack and deal with Roxy properly. Return to the portion of the racetrack where the dance pass was discovered, then turn right and down the stairs. They may connect the head to a kart near a save point and enjoy the cutscene of Gregory running over Roxy with the kart.

Return to Roxy Raceway

Following the sequence, gamers should approach Roxy in order to catch her gaze. They must then press the button beside the wooden door and prepare to move. Roxy reappears and destroys the entire door. In order to proceed, players must trick Roxy into damaging many wooden doors while carefully avoiding her capture.

Players should move around the room and to the vent on the far side to make an exit once they reach the area with the fire floor. Returning to Parts and Services to update Freddy with the new eyes should be the player's main priority right now.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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