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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals her pregnancy journey in Vogue


Jennifer Lawrence said that she became pregnant in her early twenties and "planned to get an abortion," but instead had a miscarriage.

"I had a miscarriage alone in Montreal," she said in a recent interview, adding that she experienced a second miscarriage while filming Don't Look Up.

Lawrence revealed to US Vogue for the magazine's October cover story that her second loss necessitated a surgical operation to remove tissue from her uterus.

"I recall a million times thinking about it when I was pregnant," Lawrence remarked after having a healthy baby boy in February this year and pondering on the recent overturning of Roe v Wade in the United States.

"I was thinking about what was happening to my body. And I had a wonderful pregnancy. I had a pretty lucky pregnancy.

But each and every second of my existence was unique. And it occurred to me from time to time: "What if I was compelled to do this?"

People are still voting for politicians that take NRA funding. "It blows my mind," she exclaimed.

Lawrence also disclosed the name of her and Cooke Malroney's son, Cy, for the first time in the interview: Cy, after American painter Cy Twombly.

"I mean, Cy's euphoria is just - Jesus, it's incredible," Lawrence remarked of her first six months as a mother. "I always tell him it's impossible for me to love you so much."