Oxygen and sulfur found on the moon

Pragyan sends good news! Chandrayaan-3 solved a big mystery, found oxygen and sulfur on the moon, know who is looking for it now?

After the successful landing of India's Moon Mission on the surface of the Moon, now the whole world wants to know what is present on the surface of the Moon.

Everyone is watching what kind of substances the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) searches for here.

So India has got a big success on this front. Rover Pragyan of Chandrayaan-3 from Moon has given great news

ISRO tweeted that there are continuous scientific experiments going on and in this episode Rover Pragyan has made a big discovery.

ISRO posted on X 'The instrument LIBS mounted on the rover, for the first time through in-situ measurements, clearly confirms the presence of sulphur(s) in the lunar surface near the south pole.

As expected, Al, Ca, Fe, Cr, Ti, Mn, Si and O are also detected.

ISRO further stated in its post that currently the search for hydrogen (H) on the surface of the moon is going on