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Why  Pete Davidson Dumped  Kim Kardashian ?

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According to Pete's talk show co-host Johnny Potenza, comedian Pete Davidson broke with reality stardom and billionaire Kim Kardashian "because she had too much baggage."

Despite claims that Pete, 28, and Kim, 41, split up owing to clashing schedules and distance, Johnny feels Pete didn't want the baggage that came with dating the reality star and mother-of-four.

"She's 20 years older, she has four kids, and she was married to Kanye West, who was always causing issues for them," Johnny told The Sun.

Everyone was surprised that he was dating Kim, a very classy woman. Pete was always an ordinary man his age.

Another individual who talked with Page Six compared Pete's lifestyle to Kim's, stating that Pete is a "very private guy."

"He didn't appear in the first season. "I'm not sure how the second season is going, but he's not a part of that world," the insider said.

Kim and Pete enjoyed a nine-month affair after meeting on the set of Saturday Night Live after Kim's divorce from rapper Kanye West.

Kim had called Pete a "cutie" before reaching out to friend Megan Fox for Pete's phone number. According to the Vogue covergirl, "they don't actually make them like him anymore."

As Kim and Pete became closer, with the comic obtaining tattoos of Kim and her children, Pete became the subject of online vitriol from Kim's ex Kanye.

Kanye insulted Pete's mental health in a now-deleted Instagram post, writing: "Ask Pete how those tattoos of my kids are doing in the trauma unit."