Sky has removed Queen Jokes from 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.'

Sky has removed jokes about the Queen's death from the UK broadcast of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

During the broadcast, comedian Oliver made jokes about firms like Domino's Pizza posting social media tributes to the late monarch.

"Obviously, we have to start with the United Kingdom," he continued, "which is clearly still hurting from the horrific death of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes.

During a joke on incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss, Oliver also made a reference to the Queen. "The finest thing the Queen of England ever done for anyone was die the week that lady became Prime Minister," he remarked. Because she's not going to be deservedly destroyed for replies like that for at least a week."

Despite the fact that neither joke was particularly about the Queen, Sky has decided to remove both from the show's UK broadcast.

A somewhat edited version of the broadcast is still available to view on NOW and Sky Go, excluding the two specified portions.

The decision to censor the show was panned on social media, with one viewer tweeting: "Very disappointed in @SkyUK censorship of @LastWeekTonight with @iamJohnoliver - we condemn other countries for this sort of behavior.

The audience is used to his irreverent style and light-hearted comments. The "target" of his remarks was corporate social media!"

"We're not children, @SkyUK, please don't censor Last Week Tonight With John Oliver again simply because he says a few provocative things about the royal family," another viewer remarked.

Oliver has already been censored in the UK for exploiting illegally obtained material from parliament for the purposes of a joke.