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Toronto Film Festival Awards season begins as Hollywood stars come

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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) begins later, signaling a return to normalcy after two years of disruption due to the epidemic.

After being halted or held virtually in 2020 and 2021, there is a lot of excitement for this year's event.

The fall festivals signal the start of awards season and frequently reveal which films will contend for Oscars.

The Swimmers, created by British playwright Jack Thorne, will officially kick off the festival on Thursday.

Other festival favourites include Knives Out sequel Glass Onion and The Lost King, a film about the finding of Richard III's bones in a Leicester parking lot.

Two of the biggest celebs attending Tiff this year are largely artists - Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Many films exhibited at TIFF, which began in 1976, have usually gone on to win Oscars.

Unlike many other film festivals, the Toronto International Film Festival does not establish a jury to score the films or award awards.

Instead, it polls the audience for votes in a public ballot before giving a "People's Choice" reward.

It has already had its Venice debut, and early comments have put Fraser at the top of the list for a possible best actor award. Thursday evening marks the official start of the Toronto International Film Festival.