Unhygienic habits you didn’t know You had

If you bath most days and brush your teeth on a regular basis, you likely consider yourself clean and hygienic. However, there's a good chance you're forgetting a few areas that might have a huge influence on your long-term health.

It may be tempting to take your phone to the toilet and scroll through social media, but cell phones gather up a lot of germs that you will later spread to other locations (including your face).

Using your phone on the toilet

Cleaning out extra earwax may seem like a good idea, but it frequently causes more harm than good. When earwax is forced down the ear canal, it causes further problems. This might cause lasting damage to the eardrum and canal.

You're taking Q-tips.

Your scalp generates natural oils that are essential for healthy, flowing hair, and washing removes dirt and excess oil. However, if you do this too frequently, your hair may become dry and less glossy.

Washing hair every day.

Eyelash extensions can be harmful if not properly cared for. When glues enter the eye, they cause variable degrees of toxicity, which can result in visual impairment or corneal irritation.

Poor eyelash extension care

Washing our hands is essential for maintaining our health and preventing the spread of sickness. Remember to wash your hands often, especially if you come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Not Wash your hands often

Sharing razors is a bad idea since it may spread skin illnesses like staph and, in worst-case circumstances, viruses like hepatitis and HIV.

Giving your razor.

Brushing your teeth is easy to get sloppy, especially first thing in the morning when you're half asleep. However, brush for at least two minutes twice a day. This is the bare minimum.

Toothbrushing inadequacy

Sleep with your contact lenses. the place might cause eye discomfort. However, in the worst-case situation, it can cause a corneal abrasion or infection. So be careful to rest your eyes on them.

Sleep with your contact lenses.

If you keep your toothbrush near the toilet, you put yourself in danger of cross-contamination. When you flush the toilet, an unseen cloud of minute particles forms.

Keeping your toothbrush near the toilet